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HubMatrix is a IT consultancy firm that provides web and desktop development services, enterprise solutions and creative solutions.
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Event Solutions

Campaign Planning

We ask the right questions to find out what you need in this campaign

At HubMatrix, we don’t have event catalogs, this is because every activation is unique, with a particular goal in mind. To achieve that, we’ll customize the right delivery for you such that you maximize the exposure or lead generation that you wish to achieve.

Interactive Solutions

Every event needs a specific solution, if we don’t already have it, we’ll make it for you.

Our interactive exhibits include touchscreen booths, kinect motion based exhibits and customized embedded systems. Our systems are tailored to engage your audience, deliver your message and collect leads for your campaign.

We Have Candies

Event merchandise, door gifts, marketing collaterals and unique prizes, we do them.

That’s right. We know that candies attract visitorship like honey attracts bees. We’ll customize the best event merchandise, door gifts and marketing collaterals to achieve that irresistible appeal and lasting impression.

Post-Event Report

We build reports that reflect the worth of that campaign money spent.

Even through the fun and games, we remain objective oriented as we collect data from every engagement and every lead. At the end of the campaign, we’ll collect the data you specified and present it to you, ensuring that you get quantifiable results from your marketing budget.

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