About HubMatrix - HubMatrix Singapore
HubMatrix is a IT consultancy firm that provides web and desktop development services, enterprise solutions and creative solutions.
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About HubMatrix

Our Story

Our story begins with two aspiring developers who envisioned IT to be the crux of all collaborative activity.

In early 2014, HubMatrix secured it’s first event activation project – the 2014 Coca Cola Happiness Creator Machine. This was the start of our customized solutions service, which we provided to creative and digital agencies to realize their innovative concepts. HubMatrix was formally registered as a business later on in 2014, and began directly interfacing with customers and developing creative solutions for various market verticals. Exactly a year into formal business operations, we have developed websites and solutions for businesses and individuals in the F&B, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Finance, Media and IT industries.

With an ever growing portfolio of satisfied clients, HubMatrix has expanded it’s team three fold from it’s initial size. Today, HubMatrix offers a wide range of cutting edge solutions to meet the many needs of businesses today. With a strong belief in IT as the game changer in the competitive modern business environment, HubMatrix will continue to take on requests from clients to deliver solutions to automate and streamline business operations.

Our Motto

At the heart of HubMatrix, our motto is to Envisage, Enact, Enjoy.

  • Envisage

    Every creation starts with an idea. Every success starts with a dream. We at HubMatrix begin by conceptualizing an idea, by how this idea of ours will serve to benefit a market.

  • Enact

    Then we enact on the idea and begin researching for similar solutions people have, and we then develop our own creative solution.

  • Enjoy

    Finally, we sit back and enjoy as our ready solution begins to work for us. Technology is made to ease our lives so that we may enjoy, and all technology starts with a vision.